Tampines EC at Tampines MRT Station Close to NTUC Downtown East

Tampines EC will comprise 47,964 square meters of commercial space. Orchard Boulevard Condo Located near the Tampines MRT station, this development will be near several major shopping malls, MRT stations, and the Changi Airport. The upcoming EC will also feature a 7.5 hectare linear park, which will provide a scenic connection from Sun Plaza Park to Sungei Api. Aside from being in the heart of the city, Tampines EC will be well connected to other parts of Singapore.

Tampines EC is located near a number of reputable schools. Its proximity to major expressways makes it an ideal location for commuters and families with young children. Because of its proximity to the town centre, the EC is an ideal place to call home. While there is a small amount of traffic in this neighbourhood, residents will enjoy the tranquility of the area. For those who would prefer to drive, there is ample parking space available for those who need to park their cars.

The Tampines EC has a good school district. The nearby Tampines Town has many good schools. Being close to a school will make the lives of parents easier. It allows them to schedule their time better and not have to worry about getting late for school. In addition to being closer to the school, parents can walk their kids to school instead of having to deal with traffic and long queues. This is also a good time-management tool for children.

The Tampines EC is a large development, which is located near the Tampines MRT station. It is surrounded by several reputable schools, making it an excellent choice for families with young children. The EC is also close to the airport, making it convenient for commuters and families who want to live in the heart of the city. Despite its relatively small size, the EC has everything one would need to enjoy the perks of an apartment in Singapore.

The Tampines EC master plan includes a number of neighbourhood parks, which are close to MRT stations. These green spaces will help to reduce the urban heat, which is a major concern for many people living in this area. The EC will also have a multi-purpose hall. The multi-purpose hall will be a convenient place for residents to socialise and hold community events. Aside from that, the EC will have a variety of retail facilities and parks, including an outdoor play space.

Tampines EC is located near the Tampines MRT station. The master plan includes more public space, neighbourhood parks, and a multi-purpose hall. It will also be accessible to the MRT station, which is an added benefit for those with young children. As the area grows, this area will become a prime choice for families who are looking for a new home. If you are a first-time buyer, the EC is a good choice.

Tampines EC is located near to many groceries as well as supermarket. If you are looking for a place to eat and drink, you may want to visit NTUC Downtown East in Pasir Ris. This 147,000 square foot mall is run by the NTUC club and offers many activities to children, families, and the youth. There are plenty of different restaurants, shops, and nightclubs in this area, too. You can find everything you need for a fun evening. It’s a great place to go out with friends, and you can even catch a concert!

Other amenities nearby for quality time near to Tampines EC include Downtown East. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to get to Downtown East Singapore, look no further. Moovit, Singapore’s most popular transit app, makes it easy to find and ride to Downtown. The app’s interactive maps make it easy to navigate through your city and shows real-time travel times, making it the perfect way to plan your trip. Once you’ve decided to make a trip to Downtown, Moovit provides the best route for your next stop.

Tampines EC is located also near to Our Tampines Hub. Our Tampines Hub is a multi-purpose community hub in Singapore, uniting a variety of services and amenities for the people of the Tampines district. The project was mooted back in 2011 and the work on it began soon after. After involving more than 15,000 local residents, construction work began in 2015. The first section of the project opened in 2016. The grand opening ceremony was held in April 2017. The project is expected to serve more than 200,000 residents in the years to come.